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Economics is one such topic that has two branch one deals with the macro and other one micro. Both the topics are of equal importance, one deal with the cost, revenue and market while other deals with the GDP, inflation and other economic indicators. In the market topics includes perfect competition, monopoly, duopoly etc. While other topics includes average cost, marginal cost, average revenues and marginal revenue. It also includes topics such as elasticity of demand which is again divided into the income elasticity and prices elasticity of demand.

A typical economy indicator includes population, GDP etc. Let’s look into one example of Japan economy- Japan witnessed rapid economic growth in the post world war II period led by flourishing car and consumer electronics industries. In the latter part of the 1980s, Japanese economy witnessed asset price bubble which was on account of increasing stock and real estate prices. The asset price bubble burst and growth of Japanese economy slowed markedly in the decade spanning from 1991 to 2000, referred to as Lost Decade.  The growth ran out of steam under the increasing debt burden.

Japan has been facing recurring deflation since 2001 with real GDP lagging other advanced economies. Japan’s nominal GDP of JPY 468.6 trillion in 2011 was 0.2% lower than in 1991. The weakness in nominal GDP growth leads to fiscal challenges in the long term Population (2010): 127.82 million, Nominal GDP (2011): $5867.15 billion, GDP Annual Growth Rate (Sep 2012): 0.5%, GDP per head (PPP)(2011): $34277.76 , Inflation (Oct 2012) :- 0.4%, Current Account to GDP (2011): 2%, Japan Government Debt to GDP: 211.7%, Currency : Yen, Credit Ratings: Moody’s: Aa3, S&P: AA-. We through our website help students in their Economics Homework Solution and we make sure that student does not get any problem in the subject.